Volunteer Training with Northern Nevada SPCA

Today I went through the volunteer training with the Northern Nevada SPCA. I’m really excited to start volunteering! Not only are they a great organization, with no breed specification (ie no pits), but they are very easy for me to get to.

Now that might seem a bit silly, but when I drive to the Nevada Humane Society it takes about 40 minutes and that’s without traffic. I usually have an hour or two to volunteer a week, and if an hour and a half are taken up driving, then it’s not really worth it for me or the animals. Do not get me wrong, the Humane Society is also a fantastic organization and their new building is just amazing. I love the idea of cat colonies and spaces where two or three dogs are kept together. It really was designed for less stress for the animals and made more comfortable for the adopters too.

Speaking about the building, if you haven’t been to the SPCA here in Reno, it is in the same old small building that they’ve had for years. But today I found out that they’ve gotten a large donation and are looking for plots of land to develop for their new shelter! That’s incredible, because the SPCA needs and deserves a larger and newer facility.

Anyway, the training went well and was very clearly put forward by Judy Scott, the volunteer coordinator. In the back holding room, there were three pit mix puppies that were absolutely adorable! And it turns out they are blind and deaf! Once I knew that, I could see how they were sniffing carefully and kind of walking into the fence, but these enduring little puppies seemed as happy and goofy as any puppy of that age. It turns out it was a litter of nine, all with impairments, and they have already adopted out six. So these last three have a pretty good chance of being adopted too. I plan on going back Tuesday, so if they are still there, I’ll take some pictures with my phone for you all.

I would like to thank the six families that not only adopted from a shelter instead of buying from a pet store, but also because they opened their hearts to special need pups. These pups will be a little harder to train, probably a little more independent or extra clingy and generally be more work than other pups. But these wonderful people have accepted them into their homes. With a little bit of work from the owners to learn a variety of training techniques, blind and deaf pups can learn almost anything, even house-training. I wish the pups and their new families the best with their new relationships and hope they create many happy memories!

Take a moment and thank your dog today. Remember she had her own impairment when she came to your house. She had to learn a foreign language (yours) in the first few months of her life with you in order to be the wonderful companion she is today!

Give an extra butt-scratch tonight and have a bark-tastic day!


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