Entertaining Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Usually I hike with the dogs on Tuesdays, but today in Reno it is raining and windy. I’m sure every Reno-ite is surprised since we have close to 360 days of sunshine a year! Anyway, I got dressed extra warm and even drove to our usual spot to go disappear into the mountains for an hour or so. But good gracious it was windy! Even Flash, our field English Springer pup, who is so hardheaded that sliding glass doors can’t even get in his way, was crouching close to the car. I decided to call it a day and just drive back.

Now for some, this would mean a hyper dog running inside all day. And for others, the dog would rather be on the couch anyway, I’m thinking of Muttley here. So how is it that both dogs are now calm and sleeping at my feet? I realized that this was a fantastic opportunity to share some of my entertaining techniques since it can be very aggravating to owners when their dog won’t just calm down. Some of these you can include the kids on too, so two birds with one stone!

Here’s the link to my article: How to Entertain Your Dog on a Rainy Day

If you guys have anything that you do for your dogs on rainy days, please post it below!

Have a bark-tastic rainy day!


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