SPCA dogs up for adoption

Yesterday I finally was able to volunteer at the SPCA of Northern Nevada. I spent my time primarily with two daisies! Daisy is a German Short-hair Pointer, looks purebred, older and such a sweet heart. I walked her first and was surprised at how wonderfully she walked on leash. I noticed she had some energy to burn and was she excited when I started jogging! She matched my pace pretty well the whole time. I should not have worn a sweatshirt though! After the jog she looked so content and happy to curl up on her little bed. She would make a great companion for a single person or a couple that jogged or hiked occasionally. And so laid back! She was awesome. Check her profile on the SPCA’s website here. I wish I had gotten a picture of her too since the SPCA one doesn’t do her justice!

And Daisy May, right next to her in the kennels, is an older Basset Hound and what a lover! Luckily she just wanted to walk too so I didn’t sweat my way thin. She, like all hounds, walks with her nose glued to the ground, but she wasn’t so focused that I couldn’t get her attention away from something if it didn’t look savory. At one point, I stopped walking so she could sniff and I could get a picture, and we ended up cuddling on the sidewalk. Her coat’s beautiful and soft and those ears! I’m a sucker for ears! She also loved the brushing I gave her after the walk. Check her out on the SPCA’s website here.

Daisy May on our walk

Daisy May on our walk

Also the puppies I mentioned earlier! There’s only two left now out of the nine, and I tried to catch a good picture of them, so here they are. If you want more info, call or come down to the SPCA.
0910150001 0910150004

Two Face, the puppy with half white, half brown face, is a little bit more sedate than the other. But I haven’t spent time with them to really understand their developing personalities yet.

Well, I’m off to jog in the mountains with the dogs. They’ve been patiently waiting in the morning sunshine, but I don’t know for how much longer! Have a bark-tastic day!
0910160001 0910160002


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