The reason I work with pets

I live about a block from a veterinary office. They are available for regular as well as emergency visits. As I was driving home the other day, I saw a woman driving away from the office with her large yellow lab (probably mix) in an old, beaten truck. The woman, though not old, looked beaten too. Her yellow lab turned his head from looking out the window towards her and tucked his muzzle to his chest begging for a petting. This woman who looked like the visit to the vet had taken a lot out of her, and maybe not just money wise, all of a sudden glowed from every pore as she lovingly pet his head and played with his ear. This scene only happened in a few seconds, but the sheer love that shone out of her as she caressed her dog was evident and amazing. You could see this woman go from depressed to bright and all it took was her dog asking to be pet.

This wonderful connection between pets and humans is why I went into the pet service industry. Muttley, my rescued pit, makes my heart swell and Flash is doing the same as he grows into the wonderful creature he is. It is absolutely amazing what animals can do for you when you allow them into your life. And I’m thankful that I can help people with their most special buddies!

This time of year can be difficult for anyone feeling the effects of the economy, but thank goodness for our relationships, humans and pets. I thank my dogs almost everyday for letting me be their owner and poop-scooper! And this quick scene I saw the other day reminded me once again that my dogs are more than just pets, they’re an integral part of my life and I’m not alone in feeling this way!


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