Interesting and hectic week!

What a week! I started classes at the community college here in Reno, three years after finishing my French degree with UNR. It’s not the most useful degree, but I completely enjoyed getting it! Last October, I started working part time with H&R Block since the economy is quite slow here in town. I found out that I quite enjoy taxes! Ack!? Me? Enjoy something so dry as taxes? But yes it’s true! So I signed up for bookkeeping and payroll classes this semester.

Have you ever seen that Community comedy show on NBC? I thought I might be the Pearce (the old guy played by Chevy Chase who is just completely out of it and “uncool”) of the class since I feel so old to be taking a class again. Turns out no, I’m not the Pearce, and I’m definitely not the oldest. And, oh my goodness! There is a Pearce in the class! It’s not a guy, but rather an older woman. Before the class starts, when the instructor left the room, the woman turns to the rest of the class and says, “He’s a really easy grader, and a lot of fun too,” she pauses, “I failed his class last semester.” If he’s such an easy grader, how did she fail? Not that I’m worried, but wow, what a statement to lead the semester off with. Anyway, the classes so far are pretty easy, and I’m already done with the homework even though it’s not due until Sunday. It’s weird, I guess I’ve  grown up and lost some of my procrastinating tendencies. And I’m also sitting with proper posture while typing this…. Wow… I’m officially a grown-up I think!

Also exciting, at H&R Block, the tax season is officially starting the first peak which is the next two weeks. So I’m happily busy-busy-busy when I’m there.

And!! I had my first craft sale on Etsy yesterday! YAY! I love crafting and spend most of my (little) free time crafting away, so I was excited to list my stuff for sale. It had been a little over a month and no sale, I was a little disheartened but wasn’t really expecting to sell anything either. And then, bam! I sold the upcycled cigar box turned jewelry or storage box to someone all the way in sunny (or freezing?) Florida. Here are some pictures:

Upcycled Cigar Box

Neat-o graphic on interior of lid

Finished fabric interior (I love this pattern!)

I’m still learning how to take the best pictures, but have learned a ton by lurking in the Etsy forums and taking everyone’s advice. Here’s some pictures from the item I listed today, my Pewter and Pearl Earrings:

Pewter Pearl Earrings

I made an identical pair for myself and love them!

Pewter Pearl Earrings

I love the variation in the color of the pearls

So you can see that I’m getting better at taking pictures! If you want to check out my Etsy shop, here’s the link and for these earrings in particular

And then, the sad news of the week is about Muttley. She’s been getting worse and worse after exercising and I was worried it was hip dysplasia, it’s not, but she has dysplasia and arthritis in her knees and she’s only four! So she’s on a couple of maintenance supplements and has rimadyl if she needs it. She seems more comfortable already and it’s helped knowing where exactly she’s experiencing pain. And I no longer feel guilty about making her sit pretty (kind of like begging) since it’s not her hips that are the problem! hehe…

So with all of this going on I’m barely finding time to sleep! And of course  my clients from Lucky Mutts are keeping me going everyday. Even if I don’t particularly want to jog today! 🙂


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