Craft Space

Thank goodness it’s Sunday! I’m just exhausted from this week. And I’m having dreams about taxes and the program at work! ACK! But everything’s going well so even though it’s a crazy schedule that I have now, I’m getting stuff done. And now today I get to relax, get a little done around the house and spend time with my husband and wonderful dogs.

And, I get to craft again! I’ve been seeing pictures on of different people’s crafting spaces. How they keep it organized, how they keep inspiration around them, etc. And I was inspired to clean up my crafting space the other day, especially since the craft space shares the room with my husband’s desk, treadmill, extra stuff storage and Lucky Mutts paperwork and records. I am so in love with the space  again that I wanted to share, so here are some pictures!

Right side shelving

Right shelving, Chocolate, beads and stamping stuff

Shelving and work space

Left shelving, computer stuff, paper crafts, soap

Extra storage in the closet, too much stuff to list it!

Pictures of my father and others to keep me motivated

Love my cigar boxes for storage!

Ok, so now I’ve shown off! I’m going to finish my breakfast and get to crafting! Have a good Sunday everyone!


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