Praise for the App

Last night, while watching the new Fox cartoons, another new annoying Apple commercial came on for the iPhone. However, as some intensely interested in animals, this one was definitely better than most! It showed off iPhone applications that revolved around a pet adoption. This first app to be shown was the application and the pictures on the commercial were fantastic.

I quickly picked up my iPhone, which is never far from my hands, and downloaded this free application from the App Store. I love browsing through pictures of pets no matter where I find the them, so this app had great potential. And it completely lived up to my expectations!

Extremely easy to browse through the adoptables which are separated into dogs, cats and others (bunnies mostly). Once you pick a category, the app provides a gallery of pictures in your area (it asks to use your current location). Once you click on one picture, you can see that image full screen and then flick your way through to other pictures. After finding a simply irresistible pet (which takes a whole two seconds for me!), pick the details button in the top right and you’ll find more pictures if there are any available, a brief description provided by the shelter and other information.

So for anyone on the lookout for a new pet, or someone addicted to adorables like myself, get this app! And thank the wonderful people at for providing such a great service. Also, I need to find out who this “MT” who is taking so many wonderful pictures of the dogs up for adoption at the Nevada Humane Society. What a great way to build your portfolio and serve your community. Thank you!


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