Reno Rock-n-River Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k

Yesterday was the Reno Rock-n-River Marathon and it was spectacular!  The event is well run and actually started on time, which I think is the first event I’ve done that has started on time. The weather was beautiful and the 10k course was well planned. All the races started in downtown Reno, under the famous “Biggest Little City” arch. The course then weaved west through downtown along the river (and passed my all time favorite church) and moved into a more residential area. The entire distance keeps rather close to the Truckee River so most times during the race you can hear the water as it rushes on by.

This was one of my favorite races so far. One of the main reasons I think I like it is that there were no strollers! While I think it’s kick-ass that there are so many moms out there that like running with their little bundle on board, I’m tired of maneuvering around them! And while it makes sense for them to jog with them on daily basis, is it necessary for them to be at the race with their big old clunker? What do you guys think?

If you want to check out the Reno Rock-n-River Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k website, here’s the link:


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