Half Marathon Training Plan!

So last month, I entered the lottery drawing to see if I could get in the San Francisco Half Marathon. I’ve never won much (except for $93 from a penny machine – woohoo!) so to be honest, I didn’t think I’d have to worry about running a half marathon. But I got in! Yay/Ack!

I recently finished my fifth 10k (6.2mi) so it’s not like I’m new to running, but I’ve never run further than 7mi so 13.1… And, I’m definitely not fast, I’m a plodder. But it’s OK, the race isn’t until Oct 17th. And I think the fact that I’m a plodder might help. I can run a 12:00/mile for a looong time. And now, because of a few of my dog walking clients (I’m think about Abby in particular!) are quicker than that pace, my pace is now getting faster too. Now when running with the dogs I’m pacing about 9:30-10:00/mile comfortably, though it’s usually only 15 to 40 minutes at a time throughout the day.

So last Saturday I finished my plan for my long runs on Saturdays. And then I ran my shortest distance for the summer: 4 miles. It’s weird to say that! Here’s the plan, let me know what you guys think!

  • 15 May    4 miles          XdoneX
  • 22 May   5 miles
  • 29 May   5.5 miles
  • 5 June    6 miles
  • 12 June  6.5 miles
  • 19 June  5.5 miles
  • 26 June  6.5 miles
  • 3 July      7 miles
  • 10 July   7.5 miles
  • 17 July   8 miles
  • 24 July   5 miles
  • 31 July   8.5 miles
  • 7 Aug     9 miles
  • 14 Aug   6 miles
  • 21 Aug   9.5 miles
  • 28 Aug   10 miles
  • 4 Sept     7 miles
  • 11 Sept   10.5 miles
  • 18 Sept   11 miles
  • 26 Sept   6.2    –  A Sunday race at Lake Tahoe, my 6th 10k
  • 2 Oct       12 miles
  • 9 Oct       5 miles
  • 17 Oct     13.1  –  Half Marathon time!

Part of what is so exciting about all this running, is that I can eat pretty much anything! Sadly, my diet of late has been terrible! No fast food really, maybe once in the past month, but loads of cruddy food. Though Roger and I have been eating yummy dinners with salads on the weekends at least! I haven’t dropped much weight (mostly because of the diet!) but I’ve slimmed down a LOT! I love it, and I feel like my legs are all muscle – like a powerful horse! It’s awesome…. 🙂

Oh, and Flash is excited! What Springer wouldn’t be happy with someone training for a half?

So here are my questions: Do you guys know any good long trails in town? I’m not going to be able to do loops without going crazy after a while! And who’s going to join me in getting in great running shape? C’mon!


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