Adding a new skill and product!

I’ve been working on a new skill and product lately. For those of you that are new to this blog, let me explain myself a little! I own a dog walking/pet sitting business, I craft and sell on Etsy, I do taxes during the tax season and I also write for a few websites online. And this blog deals with all of my busy-ness!

So the new skills are metal stamping and working for jewelry. If you’ve ever looked through the Etsy Jewelry search, you know what I’m talking about. Check it out here and in a few pages you’ll see necklaces, keychains, earrings and what not done in this style. Not only is it incredibly popular, which would be good for my wallet, but it’s an entry into jewelrymaking. The real stuff, where you start soldering and setting gems and neat-o things like that. Of course I want to offer a little of some of the “usual” items that people seem to buy a lot of, but I also want to do vanity/personalized dog ID tags!

There are some Etsy sellers doing dog tags on the side or only doing personalized ones, but I want to do the whimsical type ones. Like “King of Farts,” “Stinker” and “Pumpkin.” I would still offer personalized ones as well, but they would cost just slightly more and take a little longer to ship out since they would be made per order.

And, as you may know, Pet Folio is having their annual Art Paws event in July. What you might not know is that they have combined with Squaw Valley’s Art Bark Fest which will make the event even larger! The Art Paws & Bark Fest event is July 18th from 10-5 at the outdoor area of McKinley Arts & Cultural Center (Keystone and Riverside downtown). I was already thinking of going for Lucky Mutts, but now I may go for the dog tags too, what a great cross-event!

I will post pictures soon of some finished product! Have a bark-tastic day!


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