New pictures and prototypes!

So yesterday I recieved more supplies for the personalized jewelry and dog tags that I am working on. Besides being incredibly fun to play with chemicals, I was able to make something special for Roger to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (which was also yesterday).

Men can get women rings, but what can women get men? A keychain ring! hehe… Here’s the keychain that I made for Roger, keep in mind that I’m just getting started with this type of craft!

I wish I had wrapped it in the jewelry box pictured since that’s the box that my engagement ring came in. It would have been extra special! Oh well, next year! The keychain ring is made of copper, I hand stamped our wedding date and then used liver of sulfur to make the numbers darker. Neato! And yes, he loved it!

I also made a motivational keychain for myself about my upcoming half marathon. It’s also of copper and made with the same process, however it was earlier in the day so it was not givable, but just for me! But I didn’t do so bad, check them out:

So what do you guys think? I’m excited to show you more as I get better with this new skill.

Also, I’m getting better with my picture taking for Etsy. These pictures above are the latest ones of course, but you can check out my Etsy shop, krystajackson, and in particular this listing, my Spring Green Multistrand Bracelet. The first three pictures are ones that I took this morning, and the last two were from the original posting. Yay, lots of improvement! I still have lots of pictures to take for other listings, but a few are better.

Are pictures the most important thing for you when you’re shopping online? What do you look for in a picture? Let me know, I can use all the advice I can get! 🙂

Have a bark-tastic day!


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