Etsy store of the week!

This is a feature that I want to start doing every Saturday to showcase an Etsy store with which I’ve fallen in love. It will be more than window shopping for me and hopefully introduce you all to someone new. There will be several images from their shop and also many links to get over there!

I have several stores in mind, and have contacted them all for permission, so keep your eyes open for upcoming posts!

If you haven’t been over to, I have to ask why not!? Etsy is a magical place where artists and crafters can sell their work online. Think Ebay but classier and storefronts instead of auctions. Even if you are new to Etsy, checking out is easy. Add things to your cart and then when satisfied, finish the check out process by paying through Paypal, either an account or a credit card. You do have to pay each seller separately which can take a bit more time, but it’s still pretty easy! You can find art supplies, vintage goodies, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, clothes, pretty much anything that can be made handmade (or is vintage)! You need to check out this website, you’ll get addicted!

BTW, continued with my half marathon training plan today and rocked the five miles. Even in the cold wind, which eventually turned to snow! Ack! What happened to May?!


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