Process: Beaded Bangle/Cuff Bracelet

Here are a series of pictures for one of my Sunday projects. A wonderful beaded bracelet that creates a cuff around my wrist! I call it Desert Jewels since it has a desert like feel with the sandy colors and there’s also some jewel tones. I know, cheesy name, but it fits!

Notice the close placement of both sunflower seeds and chardonnay! I don’t usually craft this way, but this was a bracelet for myself, so heck yeah!

Finally narrowed down the color pallette and materials.

Just starting out with the strands. There’s going to be 27 at the end!

About half way through with stringing.

Close up of the 27 strands done. Sorry for the cruddy focus and lighting – it was now evening and I was drinking that chardonnay!

Brick stitch to the finishing touches.

And ta-da! It creates a cuff of bangles! It’s about 1 1/2 inches wide and fits just slightly loose on my wrist. The next day when I went to my inlaws for dinner, I couldn’t stop fondling this bracelet. And it’s neutral enough to go with pretty much everything and still has enough color to be interesting. Love it!


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