Best and Worst Run Ever!

Ok, so I was a total bum yesterday and didn’t do my six-mileĀ run until today. But I have good reason! My husband and I spent some much-needed time together. Nothing particularly romantic or fancy, but good ol’ married time together. We played Halo online together for a few hours, made dinner together and then drank a little too much and watched a movie. So there was no time for a healthy run in there! šŸ™‚

Unlike years ago, where if I didn’t stick to the plan, the plan went out the window, I actually got up this morning and dressed immediately into my running gear. After a cup of coffee and reading my emails, I loaded Flash into the car and we got to our favorite trail next to the river. The first two miles were pretty good. I was pacing a little faster than I wanted, but nothing outlandish. I did, however, notice the heat immediately. This spring in Reno has been very cool with quite a bit of rain. For me, andĀ I’m sure other runners, it was nice! And now it’s 80+ degrees within a week or two! Ack!

I paused once or twice to drink some water and also give Flash some. And every time I started up again it was harder. I got to the turn around point of three miles and walked for about a minute. Six miles, while long, is not drastically long for me. I’ve done five 10ks now (6.2 miles) so it shouldn’t be that hard. And I can’t even place what exactly was hard about the run. I felt like I couldn’t breathe deep enough, my socks were too thin and my feet were sliding around in my shoes (which I hate anyway). It was just hard.

Before I continue, I feel I must explain something about myself. I’m an only child and I consider myself to be a sociableĀ loner. I don’t have a lot of real friends, some acquaintances, but even those are few. I’m very content to be completely alone. At the same time, because I’ve worked in restaurants and sales my entire life (I started bussing tables at my mom’s deli when I was five), I feel at ease talking to strangers for the most part. But I can never “close” on making someone a friend. If that makes any sense…

I joined a running group, Reno Running and Fitness, this past spring hoping to not only get in shape but talk to people. Working with dogs provides limited conversation! It wasn’t until the second to last week that I ran and talked with someone for more than a few strides. In fact, we ran and talked the whole five miles. And we even paced really well! Then the next week, which was the last of the group, I couldn’t go. So at the race that the group was training for, the Reno Rock-n-River, I was eager to see if she’d be there. Once again, we ran together for the majority of the race (the last 1/4 mile we even raced each other) and talked almost nonstop. Now I talk a lot, but it’s rare that there’s someone I can talk to for that long! I gave her a ride home from the race and gave her my card if she wanted to run together sometime.

She’s a teacher (actually a speech therapist) with the school district so I didn’t expect much before school let out, but was still kind of sad that a month had passed and no call. Then, today, at about 3.4 miles into the run, I hear “Krysta, Krysta!” I turn around and it’s her! Turns out she packed my card along with all her other belongings since she’s in the middle of moving. Yay! A new friend! So we walked together for a while before needing to split directions to head back to our respective starting points. We’re going to go running tomorrow! Oh, and her fiance is a chef! Doing couple stuff the four of us would be fun too, especially if he’s cooking!

Anyway, that was the highlight of the run. After standing and talking for a while, my legs were just done with the already hard run. I kept running for a while, but would have to switch back to walking. Flash, bless his heart, seemed annoyed with the slower pace, but didn’t pull too hard on the leash. He’s still learning his leash manners.

So while it was the worst run that I’ve had in ages, it was the best because I got to reconnect with a new friend! And now, off to write the Etsy Featured Story of the Week. But before I go, does anyone else ever feel as awkward as I amĀ while making new friends? Why is something that was so easy in school, so hard now that I’m a grown up?


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  1. Posted by Liz Hodgins on 6 June 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Good for you on your perseverance with running and making a new friend, Krysta! And, yes, as adults good friendships are harder to come by. I think it’s because we are much more discriminating and selective about who we want to carve time out for than when we were young. When you are juggling several balls in the air as you are, finding time to spend with a new person takes a commitment to the friendship–but it helps that you are both into running. In fact, for me, having an exercise partner is the best–especially with a good friend. Happy Friendship Trails! ā™„Aunt Liz


    • Thanks Liz! I think that’s true about discriminating tastes. I don’t just want to be friends with someone who has total opposite tastes/interests in life. It’s funny how it’s almost like dating now! I hope we do get to running often! I miss you Liz, I hope Roger and I can get up this Autumn to visit you. Krysta


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