Etsy Store of the Week – The Modern Pet

I have a huge spot in my heart and life for animals. And a pretty big spot for style, arts and a little bit for fashion too! So today’s feature was just a must feature: The Modern Pet at

Here is what I would love buy for Flash, being that he is a bird hunting dog (that’s never been hunting yet!) and he’s also a wonderful momma’s boy, so the top collar in blue would be just right!

And one must not forget Muttley, the supremely spoiled princess of our domain. She would get one of these lovely argyle leashes, probably the green since that’s definitely her color.

The Modern Pet specializes in using hemp to create earth-friendly materials that spoil your pet. And how stylish your dogs will be. And it’s not just for dogs, they also create cat and ferret goodies too. Here’s another example of their hemp collars in a wonderful natural style:

And this is one that every dog walker, professional or not, could use in their life: a leash bag! It holds poop bags and has an elastic opening for easy grab-and-go poop scooping and also a little pocket for essentials, be they treats, money or car keys.

All of these items come in lots of different colors and styles, you can check out their whole store at

A little about The Modern Pet, taken from their profile:

I created The Modern Pet, an online, eco-chic pet boutique founded to provide stylish products that match the modern ethos of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Based in Northern California, I handcraft everything you see in my shop —-I strive to always offer products that benefit pets, their owners, and the environment simultaneously.

And this snippet about why you should buy hemp dog products:

Hemp is the longest and strongest plant fiber. It is extremely abrasion, rot, bacterial, and fungal resistant.

Hemp is very easy on the land. It doesn’t need many nutrients, so it doesn’t require chemical fertilizers. Hemp outcompetes other weeds, so it doesn’t need herbicides to thrive. Even hemp strains that are 100 percent THC-free produce their own resins that make the crop naturally pest-free, so unlike cotton, it doesn’t require toxic chemical pesticides. Hemp actually leaves the soil in better condition than before it was planted.

What a wonderful concept and a great way to ethically dress your pooch in style. And great photos that showcase their items perfectly, I would love to be that good at photography! Again, you can check out The Modern Pet and the wonderful items featured in this blog at:


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