Process – Metal Stamped Dog ID Tags

A few weeks ago, I added a new skill to my repetoire: metal stamping. And of course, because I do spend so much time with dogs, dog ID tags just made sense! I can make personalized or unique ones, but I think sometimes a funny little phrase is just perfect for a gift for a pet lover. Anyway, I decided to picture the process for making these items as it’s kind of involved.

Using a disc cutter, or die cutter, I punch discs through a sheet of copper. It makes a lot of noise and Muttley hides, but it’s fun!

Perfect little circles are created. After creating the discs, I punch another tiny hole for the key (or split) ring. In the second picture you see a several different sizes of discs as I’m working on a few different projects.

 They usually have rough edges that have to be finished. So using a series of files, I smooth away the rough parts and the edges so they aren’t too sharp. And then I get to pound on it with the mallet! That’s probably the best part! Get’s lots of frustration out. Not as fun if you’re hungover though.

I then hand stamp the metal with the message. Here I’m showing two of the phrases I plan to carry regularly. Both are inspired by my own pooches, Muttley is my adora-bull dog and Flash is definitely Sir Farts-alot. After stamping the message, the disc is usually domed slightly so I get to smash it with the mallet again!

Next comes the chemicals! That’s how many of the metal pieces you see for sale get their antiqued look and how I make the letters more legible.

Next comes the finishing. Steel wool, sandpaper, jeweler’s rouge, polishing pads.

Ta-da! Almost finished. These just need a split ring (like a keychain ring) for buyers to easily add them to their dog’s collar.

Then, when someone purchases a personalized, unique or regular dog ID tag, I package the tag into a little box with ribbon. Perfect for giving and fun to unwrap! Check out what I have listed in my Etsy shop:

So what do you guys think? Looks like fun, right? Hell yes! Any good phrases I should use?


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  1. Hello, I like your blog
    I have a question, you know how I can make some like this? is a dog bone tag, I need do it.

    this is my email


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