What does a dog walker do on her birthday? Let’s find out!

Yesterday was my birthday, and also my husband’s (different years, but same city and same day of birth!), and so not only did I decide to treat myself to a wonderful day, but I took pictures of most of it too!

The first thing I let myself do is lounge in my bed for an extra half hour, I got all the pillows and all the blankets since Roger had already gotten up. Oh, luxurious laziness! But then the stirring of Flash and the grumpy snorts of Muttley got me up. A perfectly brewed cup of espresso and a little bit of time wasted online and I was ready to go!

First, off to Home Depot! I had to make key copies from a client’s keys. Yay for clients paying me! And wasn’t the lighting just magical in this picture? Love it!

I almost always listen to audiobooks, and my birthday was no different. Right now, I’m listening to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. So far I think that the book is pretty self indulgent, and it took until CD five to get hooked. Also, no time for cooking at home, so I had Del Taco breakfast burritos with no cheese. Yum!

Off to my first client of the day. This is Jenny. It was our last run together since her “parents” were returning home that day. She’s a goofy black lab mix who was too excited about our walk/jogs! A good dog! And then traffic as I drove through downtown Reno to get to the next house. Look at that perfectly blue sky though, just gorgeous!

More happy clients! After I was sweaty from all the running, I headed over to PetCo for some donation items for the Humane Society. One of my clients had a pet die a few days ago (not while in my care!) and my policy is to donate to the local shelters when this happens. A way for myself and the company to give back and remember a pet client.

While at PetCo I spied this cute little ferret! I wish I slept like that, I’d be a lot more limber. 🙂 The next picture shows what Lucky Mutts donated to the Nevada Humane Society: 3 lbs of rawhides, tins of cat food, little cat toy balls and some apple wood chunks for the rabbits. The new (well, not that new, but I still remember the old building) building for the Nevada Humane Society is just inviting! Again, note the beautiful sky.

After donating the items, I had to look at the dogs! I’m a sucker for a cute pit bull, but there were tons of dogs I would have taken home. Here are just some of the dogs that I could get pictures of:

After spending so much time with these wonderful pups, I had to go home and shower. I was stinky from sweat and dog kisses!

After showering attention on my own dogs, I was able to clean up, pluck eyebrows and actually apply makeup! Whoa! I got the mail and I recieved a birthday check! Woohoo! So I went straight to the bank to deposit it and then straight to Ross to spend it! I’ve been needing some summer shirts but haven’t had quite the resources to go look. Success! I found two wonderful shirt and a great purse and only spent forty dollars! When I was in the changing room, I suddenly noticed how terribly old my favorite non-dog-walking shoes were. So after Ross, I headed over to Famous Footwear and was able to find the perfect replacement shoes for only 25 bucks! Yay! I won!

I got home, changed into a new shirt and got ready for a dinner out with my mom, her long time beau, his son and of course Roger. We went to a wonderful local mexican restaurant called Bertha Miranda’s. Mom used to know Bertha and her husband (Jack er something), but I know she’s passed and I think he has too. Anyway, two pitchers of margaritas and a plate of crying pig later, Roger (designated driver, thank you love bug) drove us home. It was almost ten at night, the time I like to get into bed and read for a few pages. But no, I had to do homework that I blissfully ignored all day. So two hours later of excel and writing, I was able to turn in. I read a single page of my latest read before completely crashing.

It was pretty much awesome! So how does a dog walker spend her birthday? With dogs! And wonderful family too. 🙂


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