Half Marathon Training Update!

Saturday’s long run this week was a rest run, so only 5.5 miles! Ha! Never thought I would say “only 5.5 miles!” The training is coming along, mostly well too. I’m starting to get nervous about these longer distances coming up though!

  • 15 May    4 miles          XdoneX
  • 22 May   5 miles           XdoneX
  • 29 May   5.5 miles       XdoneX
  • 5 June    6 miles            XdoneX     really only ran about 5.4mi of this
  • 12 June  6.5 miles        XdoneX
  • 19 June  5.5 miles        XdoneX
  • 26 June  6.5 miles
  • 3 July      7 miles
  • 10 July   7.5 miles
  • 17 July   8 miles
  • 24 July   5 miles
  • 31 July   8.5 miles
  • 7 Aug     9 miles
  • 14 Aug   6 miles
  • 21 Aug   9.5 miles
  • 28 Aug   10 miles
  • 4 Sept     7 miles
  • 11 Sept   10.5 miles
  • 18 Sept   11 miles
  • 26 Sept   6.2    –  A Sunday race at Lake Tahoe, my 6th 10k
  • 2 Oct       12 miles
  • 9 Oct       5 miles
  • 17 Oct     13.1  –  Half Marathon time!

Flash is loving these long runs and has actually gotten better on the leash because of them! He usually pulls so much that your arm wants to fall off, but he settles down now after a half mile. I think he knows that we go for a long time and to conserve his energy! Once he gets home, he quickly curls into a ball on the couch, next to his Muttley and Roger. After a while though, Muttley gets spunky feeling and starts to chew on his ears or paws him in the face to start playing. He always obliges, but falls asleep as soon as she’s tired out! They are absolutely adorable together. Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last year of the two of them together:

Can’t you see why I’m happy almost every single day? These two little poops are the best reason for smiling!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Gosh, good luck with your half! Are you doing Team in training? Sounds like a similar training schedule. I ran a full about 5 years ago in alaska with T&T and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! Now I’ve got bragging rights for running the big 26.2! Yeah baby.

    Just remember – what our coach always used to say – “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter”. Best of luck to you! xo


    • I’m not participating in any program, but I am thinking about raising money and food for the local food bank. I’ve looked over lots of training plans and then kind of just made it up on my own. I can’t wait to work up to a full marathon! Next year hopefully!


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