Etsy Store of the Week – DrCraze

This week’s Etsy Store is DrCraze! He creates amazing pieces of concrete jewelry. Yes, I hear it, you’re saying, “What? Concrete jewelry?” Yes! And it’s great! It’s a blend of the feminine and masculine in items that are unique and handmade.

As per my usual, let’s see what I want first! This necklace is gorgeous, it has a beautiful soft green color that is surprising for concrete.

The next two items are necklaces too, and I sure wouldn’t mind having these in my collection as well.

And it’s not just necklaces that DrCraze offers. There are wine holders! He offers wine wedges in a variety of colors, but I think I like the more basic grey the best. Jewelry and wine holders? This man has found the concrete path to my heart!

DrCraze has some wonderfully crisp clear photos of his Etsy items, it’s probably part of the reason for the success he’s had so far. He’s also up for customizing items and since he makes everything by hand, you can truly have a one of a kind piece.

Here are the pertinent websites for DrCraze:

So what do you think? Would you buy concrete jewelry? Me: hell yes! And any suggestions for future Etsy shops or items? Leave a comment below!


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