Etsy Store of the Week – TeeShirtGnome

This week’s featured Etsy store is TeeShirtGnome! Based in Brooklyn, New York, TeeShirtGnome has awesome handmade screenprinted t-shirts. The designs are trendy, fun and dorky (and I mean that with lots of love, after all, I’m a dork!).

Here is the shirt that I definitely want the most. First of all, it’s adorable. And second, it reminds me of my own bunny, Spaz, who passed away last November. He was apparently trying to court me for most of his life, which I didn’t find out until after his surgery to get rid of his testicular cancer (read: castration) when he stopped some of his more annoying habits. Anyway, he was a stubborn bunny with lots of love!

And how smart are they to include their banner on their pictures? Incredibly! A great way to brand themselves even in their pictures. Anyway, enough Etsy business talk! On to more shirts that could easily work their way into my rotation.

And you know they have a good sense of humor with selections like this one:

So with catchy and unique designs like these, it’s no wonder the TeeShirtGnome is at 1400 sales as of this morning! And over 500 positive feedback ratings means good customer service and excited/happy customers.

Here’s a little about TeeShirtGnome from their profile:

all designs are screenprinted by hand on high quality, sweatshop-free super soft american apparel tees… we use custom mixed specialty inks that won’t wash off or fade

And here are the pertinent links for you:

All the shirts featured above come in a variety of ink and shirt colors, different cuts and sizes. They have men’s, women’s, unisex and children’s so they can fit just about anyone. Check them out!


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