Etsy Store of the Week – JujaCrafts

The Etsy Store of the Week is JujaCrafts! The store features cute flower accessories, everything from shoe clips to headbands. Bright colors and a consistent style give this store a wonderful attraction.

And of course, with no further delay, the item that I want most from this store: a peacock-color inspired headband which would be perfect for my awkward hair right now. I’m in between a short and a shoulder-length hair cut. It takes forever to grow it long and only an hour to get it cut short! Anyway, the picture!

I love the peacock feathers in the background too. It gets the inspiration across without needing to read the description! It seems that JujaCrafts’s hair accessories are popular as there are a lot available and they’re adorable!

But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not just hair beauties that JujaCrafts offers, there’s also the shoe clips! What a fun idea to jazz up your favorite standard shoes. And I can just imagine that little girls everywhere would clamor for a chance to wear these to school!

JujaCrafts also offers appliques, scarves and home decoration items. The presentation in this particular photo makes me want to have a clean, simple shelf somewhere to do exactly as this picture shows. It’s a little bit girly, a little bit shabby chic, and a little bit awesome!

Some information about JujaCrafts from her profile:

All my life textile, art and creating were familiar to me and I love working hard, creating, dreaming. I like doing everything what’s nice and makes me or anybody else feeling good and beautiful!

Don’t we all when our creations turn out this beautiful? With over 2300 sales and more than 1500 positive feedback, JujaCrafts has found a great market and offers great customer service. And she’s been on Etsy for just over a year! Way to go!

Here are the pertinent websites for JujaCrafts:


4 responses to this post.

  1. great feature, Krysta! her beautiful shop was already in my favorite. you know how I love poppies:)


  2. Thanks, Krysta, so so so much! Your post is great and I feel so honored to be featured here. Million thanks again! 🙂


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