Etsy Store of the Week – JennMaruskaDesign

This week’s Etsy Store is JennMaruskaDesign. She creates ridiculously cute items for everyone but also for sewers in particular. Bright, fun, cute and practical are the words that describe JennMaruskaDesign.

Oh my goodness! This is the item that got me to click on this store. I had searched Etsy for iPhone covers since I could use one and it would be a neat gift for a few people who I know as well. I absolutely love the bunny case, but the hedgehog and mouse are adorable as well! Not only do these hold your iPhone but also the cords and earbuds.

JennMaruskaDesign also offers cute little notebooks with felt covers in lots of designs and colors. Here’s one example:

And because I’m such a book-worm, especially today when I had to drag myself to the computer (which is normally just the opposite!), here is an irresistible bookmark, a little “word-bot”:

Aren’t the creations just adorable? I find myself wanting to eat cotton candy while buying these items! Want to learn more about JennMaruskaDesign? Check out her policies page here and a highlight from that page:

Each of my items is created with the best materials available and a keen attention to detail. I am proud that many of my items, such as my needlebooks, are used by others during their own creative endeavors.

Want to check out more of her stuff? Yeah, I knew you would! Here are the pertinent sites:

So, any ideas for upcoming Etsy Store’s to feature? Let me know!


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