Ultrasound Test Results

Ok, so in the journey of diagnosing the pelvic pain that I’m experiencing on a nearly daily basis, the non-invasive ultrasound was the first step. First of all, it’s not fun saying that when you know you aren’t pregnant!  Usually when I think of ultrasound, I think of that first glimpse at the wonderful creation inside you. But no, I was being tested to see if there was a different type of creation inside me!

Between the initial visit with the doctor and this test, I checked out several books from the library to read up on endometriosis, which is what the doctor thinks the pain is. And after several hundred pages of reading, I’m more informed and more confused than ever before! It turns out that each woman experiences it completely different from others. Some have absolutely no pain, some have staggering amounts. Some experience infertility and some don’t at all, and for some it just takes a little longer. And the infertility has no correlation to the pain. There’s no test for finding out if you have endometriosis or not except surgery, so the doctor can physically see it and remove it. And there’s always a chance that the doctor can miss some since it can be everywhere in your abdominal cavity and they have to see it to remove it.

And then there’s the treatments! Which I think are scarier than the surgery since so much of it is heavy doses of hormones. That’s something I definitely don’t want to do. I already think that my birth control pills are too much hormones and they’re just a little dose!

Anyway, after reading all of this, I began hoping for a growth of some sort because at least that seemed treatable, just remove it. Not like endometriosis which is lifelong for some (just long-term for others). So I went to the radiologist’s office with a tipsy-turvy stomach as I was unsure of what I wanted the results to be and a little unsure of the procedure as well since I’ve never had an ultrasound. The procedure was pretty easy, a little uncomfortable as they moved the wand around to photograph all parts, but not that bad. But I experienced pain for the rest of the day because of the test. Not that it was done incorrectly, but it tests in a way that aggravates my pain. And then of course, two hours of intense hip opening yoga didn’t help at all!

Yesterday I got the call from the doctor’s nurse saying that the test came back perfectly healthy. Which was exciting and depressing at the same time. You can’t see endometriosis on an ultrasound, so a healthy test result doesn’t mean completely healthy. So I have a follow-up with the doctor on Tuesday and we’ll be discussing surgery. I’ll let you all know what happens then.

For now, I’m off to interview applicants for Lucky Mutt’s first independent contractor! That’s also exciting and scary!


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  1. wow! is the surgery endrometrial ablation?


    • It will be laprascopic surgery, and if they find anything, I’m sure that’s what they will do. I go to the doctor’s on Tuesday and we’ll be discussing the surgery in more detail.


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