Etsy Store of the Week – BowWowBeds

The Etsy Store of the Week is BowWowBeds, makers of quality dog beds and crate liners. These durable dog beds are made from 100% cotton duck canvas. So what the heck is duck canvas? And will my bird-hunting spaniel go crazy to tear the bed to shreds? No, cotton duck canvas is a term used in textiles to refer to what we would normally call canvas, it is a heavy-duty fabric used from shoes to camping materials. So it will stand up to some wear and tear from your four-legged friends!

The pictures this week were much harder to pick than normal because the models are absolutely gorgeous! BowWowBeds focuses on large dog beds as they have a Great Dane and saw the need for quality larger beds. So the pictures have lots of wonderful bully breeds and many of what I am guessing to be great customer photos too. Rather than picking one bed to be my choice more than the others (heck I just want one for my spaniel pup since he did some heavy damage to his first bed), I just want to showcase the wonderful pictures of BowWowBeds’s quality product in use.

BowWowBeds handmade quality dog bedBowWowBeds handmade quality dog bed

BowWowBeds handmade quality dog beds puppyBowWowBeds handmade quality dog beds car liner

What a great use in that truck! And that adorable Harley puppy is actually laying on a liner from BowWowBeds put over a crib mattress. With larger dogs, not only do they need a bigger surface area, but many of them have more aches and pains in joints because of their size and quick growth, so a softer surface like a mattress is just perfect. Of course, Muttley’s only 56 pounds and four, but she always finds a way on the bed! And now Flash (52 pounds and 1.5 years old) is learning to beg too, so it’s not just big ones that like the comfort!

The following was taken from their Etsy feature on Quit Your Day Job. For those of you not addicted to this regular feature on Etsy, it is a series of interviews with people who have been able to turn their craft into a fulltime job that supports them and their families. In this article, we learn that the business was primarily Amberlii before it was succesful enough for her husband, Kent, to quit his day job and help the business to grow. Anyway, here’s the part of the article I found to be the best boiled down philosophy of buying from small businesses:

There is a person behind my product and when you buy from me you get [me]

I think that’s just right! Here are the pertinent links for BowWowBeds:


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