Etsy Store of the Week – YOUgNeek

The Etsy Store of the Week is YOUgNeek! YOUgNeek offers a wide variety of wearable geekery that easily looks like jewelry.

The item that I’d like to have the most is this necklace. It is UV reactive and changes to a darker purple depending on how much UV rays it absorbs. And in the Reno sunshine, we would get a lot of purple! But imagine a piece of jewelry that subtly changed colors as you moved in- and out-of-doors. I’m in love! And the simple lines make it look like a great piece of modern jewelry too.

The next two items are also big favorites of mine and equally as useful and geeky! A level necklace and lighter earrings. Both would make great conversation starters too.


And this last item is just too cute! These earrings can be worn by so many people. I imagine a teenage punk, a construction office worker and me (a lady who celebrates the yin and yang in life!) all wearing these with ease. And while the tiny screwdriver comes with the earrings – you don’t need it to put them in, they are studs.

Awesome right? Here’s a little about YOUgNeek from their profile:

I love tiny things and I love surprises. I am a huge spy fan and I wish I could work with Q and outfit James Bond agent 007 with neat little gadgets… Why wear it if it doesn’t do anything?

Love it! Check out the relevant links:


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