Chicago Trip! Part One

Last week, hubby and I got to take our first ever paid vacation! Woo-hoo! So did we go somewhere tropical and warm and also incredibly expensive? Nope, we went to reasonable and windy Chicago. But that’s not fair, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed visiting the museums, the zoo and every restaraunt we could get our butts in! Now for some pictures!

Most mornings started like this! Fruit, croissant and a huge cup of coffee enjoyed while diving into Eragon (by Christopher Paolini) or doing a few crosswords. I should start everyday like this, but I’m not sure I’d ever want to stop enjoying my lazy self. 🙂

This isn’t really the best picture, a mixture of sun, wind and a brother-in-law taking slightly too long to take the picture made for some awkward looking smiles! You probably can’t see it, but if you look closely I’m wearing the necklace from JewelrybyNatsuko (which I absolutely love!). Anyway, this was on our way to the Lincoln Park Zoo which was a blast! Here’s some of the animals we saw (yes, I was like a kid and totally excited to be going).

The most memorable had to be in the Africa experience building in the Zoo, at one point visitors walk through an open enclosure (wha?) where the birds are all around you. There’s of course a sign encouraging people to not touch or feed the birds which I wouldn’t anyway. But there was this one bird that was totally interested in me! He hopped from one higher branch to a lower one and kept tilting his head taking me in from different angles.

Then I turned to go and as my brother-in-law opened the door for me (thanks again!) this bird flew down for the attack! B-in-law jumped back and squealed like a little girl. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but he did jump back pretty fast! I like to think that this bird wanted to go home with me. But maybe my bright yellow purse look like a good place to grab some grub. Who knows!

We saw this thing. It’s cool looking!

And this stuff…

Well, I was going to show you the food we ate, but this post is pretty long as it is! So tomorrow I’ll post the pictures and quick reviews of the food we ate!


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