Etsy Store of the Week – pixelthis

This week’s Etsy Store of the Week is truly unique and completely neat! It’s pixelthis which makes “stuff made from stuff.” In particular, super geeky clocks that are functional and dorky!

I forgot exactly how I came by this great Etsy shop, but I know why I stayed around: these unique clocks are affordable and very pretty to look at (in their techno way!). And who doesn’t love showing off their inner geek? Or know someone who is a geek? These clocks remind me of one of my favorite shows, the IT Crowd. Rent it on netflix or watch it on IFC since it’s from the BBC. Anyway, back to stuff made from stuff! Here’s one that I would love to have hanging above my computer since I’m always losing track of time (yes, I know there’s a clock on my computer’s desktop but I can easily ignore that one!).

Upcyled hard drive into clock by pixelthis

Totally awesome, right? Pixelthis offers different hard drives so that there are a different colors and layouts to choose from. Also hanging clocks or ones that sit on your desk. Oh, and this one even has a working pendulum!

Recycled hard drive into clock with pendulum from pixelthis

Not a huge computer buff? Pixelthis offers other stuff made from stuff (I love that motto!). Here’s a clock for the biker or cyclist in your life and a clock for a audiophile too! In his Etsy shop you’ll find all types of neat clocks – go check it out!

Bike gears turned into a clock by pixelthis Upcycled clock from pixelthis

Here’s some more information about the guy behind pixelthis, taken from his profile:

I have been taking things apart since the day I could walk, and occasionally putting them back together… I am always looking for any kind of cool junk, computers, cameras, watches, you name it!

I am putting that first clock on my wish list and my heavily-hinted-at list of things for my husband to buy! hehe… Another awesome thing about this shop? You can send him your neat junk so he can turn it into a clock! COOL! 🙂 Ok, I’ve had a little too much coffee today! Check out pixelthis today!

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