Chicago Trip Part Two – Food!

Ok, I know, I know, I promised this a lot sooner but life has been hectic the last few weeks! And now, with a beer in hand and Family Guy playing on the other tab, I finally have time to finish my vacation blog. I’ve been so busy lately with dog walking/pet sitting that I’m thinking about hiring a second employee so I can continue to grow the business instead of just working in it. (Yes, I’ve read the E-Myth and totally recommend it!)

So on with the pictures and the details! Ok, so on the first day in Chicago we passed a bar that advertised Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap. I was shocked! I thought it was still a local coast type brew. Then, the next day, after hopping off the 56 line bus there was a Sierra Nevada truck! I’m sure this isn’t that strange to others, but I think it’s so cool that some business that started a few hours drive from here (Chico, CA) is all the way in Chicago. Way to go small business! Hope I’m building my empire as well!

Sierra Nevada Beer Truck in Chicago

So in Chicago, you almost have to deep dish pizza, and I was not immune to the need. Roger’s been and eaten a few different Chicago¬†pizza joints before, but not Gino’s East which is supposed to be famous. So off we went (and then strolled off the stuffed-ness at the Contemporary Art Museum) and we enjoyed it enough. It definitely wasn’t that great, a little bland, but enjoyable. It reminded me of exactly what I picture mid-west pizza to be: a little too much meat, a little bland and great comfort-style food. We got the traditional Chicago-style pizza with sausage and I think I would have rather had the pepperoni. But, still edible!

Gino's East Pizzeria 

Oh, but what both Roger and I got quickly addicted to was the Italian Beefs thar Chicago offers. If you like spicy and you like French dips, you’ll love Italian Beefs. We tried it at two places and loved them both, though Luke’s which is in the loop (downtown for all you non-hipsters to Chicago!) is the best!

We’ve done the Chicago-style hot dog before at the infamous Wiener’s Circle, so we didn’t do that this time (thank goodness!). A few other things we ate: falafel sandwiches, Metro pizza and a great breakfast. We ate lots of other stuff (I mean c’mon, it’s me) but here are some of the pictures.

Yum, right? And aren’t I getting freakin’ awesome at picture-taking? I love this camera! Ok, one last photo to end the post: an awesome panorama photo I took at the Chicago Fire soccer game. A fun game even if it ended 0-0. Ok, you have to enjoy soccer to enjoy that game, but it was a lot of fun!


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