I’m officially an Etsy Seller!

Ok, I guess if you want to be technical about it, I’ve been an Etsy┬áseller since November of last year (10 months now). But that’s not why I signed up for Etsy. I signed up so I would have at least a little reason to have all the craft supplies that I owned. I signed up so I could hopefully cover some of the costs to buy new supplies. I signed up so I could create my list of favorites for later shopping…

But now that I’m quickly approaching 20 sold orders, I’m a seller! And no, that’s not two sales a month, but rather 15 sales since July, or about four or five sales a month. Yes, I know, that’s still not that much. But there are about five people a month willing to pay for my stuff. And out of all the things available to buy on Etsy, somehow they find my little corner and buy something! It’s like magic!

And now, the purchases people make aren’t just covering costs of my supplies, but are starting to fund my creative juice. Yes, I have a nickname for alcohol and it is my creative juice. I don’t always drink when crafting, but it certainly puts me in the mood. ­čÖé It’s exciting because I’m planning on opening up a business bank account and setting up the necessary legal paperwork too. It should all┬ábe very official starting January 1st! And then I’ll probably won’t be drinking as much since I’ll most likely have to do some work during daylight hours.

I’m also getting custom order requests, which I’m more than happy to do! It pushes me outside the little box (ha!) that I’ve made for myself and gets me looking at what I could do in the future. So keep those requests coming!

Another way┬áto know that I’ve “made it” is to see copy cat sellers. And that’s not fair, they tend to offer something with a different aesthetic than I do, so it’s not really copying at all. But when I first did an Etsy┬ásearch for cigar boxes way back in January, pretty much just cigar box purses and cigar box guitars showed up. And now there are at least two sellers who are offering a product very similar to mine. It’s almost like I’m the cool kid at school setting all the trends.

Ok, I’m not that┬ácool. But it’s a start. And it’s a start that I’m ever-so-pleased by! Have a great weekend all and I’ll see you Sunday with my Etsy Store of the Week. And no, it’s not me! ­čśë

Update: I added some pictures below for you all to see what I’m doing in Etsy, or click on the link on the upper right hand side to see the whole shop.


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