Etsy Store of the Week – VerreEncore

This week’s Etsy store is VerreEncore who offers a variety of beautifully made enamel and metal jewelry. Her line of jewelry is colorful, modern and quite artistic.

Before I point out my favorite item in VerreEncore‘s Etsy store (hint: it’s a pair of earrings!) I want to apologize for being so late today!  This weekend was crazy fun! Friday night, Roger, Jocelyn and I along with some other people went to Fallon’s Corn Maze. Had a blast, ran into some friends from high school and met their significant others and got a cookie once we completed the maze! Yum! Then Saturday Jocelyn and I went to the best ever wine tasting party! And not only did I stay up late, but drank from 5pm to 2 in the morning! So… I did not wake up until about noon… and then I promptly did nothing. So that’s why I’m late – sorry all! Anywho, back to the wonderful jewelry by VerreEncore!

The first item is, of course, my choice! I love the quiet, understated look of these modern earrings. VerreEncore offers this style in a variety bright colors and considering their reasonable price, must be one of the best sellers in her shop.

Rustic Dark Grey Enamel Earrings from VerreEncore

This next pair is what I would love to get for my mom for her upcoming birthday. They are just gorgeous and I think mom would love the colors!

Turquoise enamel earrings from VerreEncore

VerreEncore doesn’t just offer gorgeous earrings in both stud and dangle, but other jewelry too including wonderful necklaces. These two designs show off VerreEncore‘s artistry and style.

Moshi Moshi Enamel necklace from VerreEncoreNouveau red enamel necklace from VerreEncore

So go over to VerreEncore‘s shop now and check out her line of affordable and beautiful handmade jewelry! She also has a wonderful line of silver jewelry at her other Etsy shop: SoundsofSilver.


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