Oh! Yesterday not only did I have three orders from Etsy to ship out but I also got new furniture to rearrange my too-cramped, too-filled crafting space. Roger was also pleased to know that he wouldn’t have to trip on the way to his desk. I took “after” pictures but spaced on the “before” ones. Thank goodness, they would have been embarrassing!

Closet organization for upcycled cigar boxes

Look at all those cigar boxes! I had the bottom nine cubes before and added the top six yesterday. The stack of trash cans you see aren’t considered clutter. I swear! They, along with the stuff in them, are for Lucky Mutts’s Poop-Scoop-A-Thon which is coming up on Saturday, November 20th. Check out the events section of Lucky Mutts for more information.

I also now have a shipping center! Hehe… sounds so official! At least I’m pretty much ready for the holidays even though I’d still like to make 10 or so more boxes.

Shipping center of krystajackson

And yeah, the sewing machine doesn’t have much to do with shipping, but it works! And I do like seeing it out in the open instead of buried in the closet. Anyway, I’m off to craft and list items in my Etsy shop, check it out if you’d like!


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