The News, Krysta Edition

So some interesting new things to report, both good and bad. I’m always a good news first kind of girl, so here it is: I’ve been contacted by a business in Portland, Oregon that is interested in carrying my cigar boxes in their shop. Yay! So I’ve got my butt in gear and working on new boxes since my shop is so low on inventory. And now I’ve got the more difficult task of figuring out where and when to take the best pictures in my new space since the lighting is completely different. Oh well. Once that’s figured out, taking the pictures will be… a snap! haha couldn’t help it!

The less exciting news is that I’ve got my third round of tonsillitis in the last five/six weeks. After two rounds of different antibiotics and a break from all exercise (except for dog walking clients, bien sur), it looks pretty clear that I need to have surgery to remove them. Besides the suckiness of having your tonsils removed at 26 (yuck!), I’ve got the wonderful situation of no health insurance. I’ve found out about Access to Healthcare which is an insurance-like program for the working poor like me. I’m in the process of getting approved, so fingers crossed!

And on a fun note: I went up to Tahoe this Saturday to get a little sunburnt and hang out with my pal Jocelyn. Here’s a great shot of the beauty that’s just 45ish minutes from my door. Big smiles of happiness!

Lake Tahoe


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