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Etsy Store of the Week – Storeyshop

Oh! I’m excited about this week’s Etsy store because it’s one that I’ve had my eye for a while now. There are probably a dozen or so items that I’d love to purchase and I’ve tried to keep it to four – so hard! So this week’s store is Storeyshop, a UK based (I know, I’m so international) hand cut and laser cut greeting card and more shop. The sense of humor and love that comes from Storeyshop is wonderful and makes you stick around to check out her tons of listings (192 right now!). With that much creativity, she’s got something for everyone!

So for the item that I want the most, I’m having a hard time deciding on just one! And then I remembered, hey, this is my blog – I can have more than one! Isn’t life liberating once you realize your own power? Well, that’s true, but yeah, greatly exaggerated in this case. However, these two great cards are ones that I would love to get for Roger on some anniversary soon!  Storeyshop has lots more of these “I love you more than…” cards and can customize the message too in case you can’t find exactly what you want.

I love you more than my iPhone card by StoreyshopI love you more than coffee card by Storeyshop

Another card I’d like to get Roger is this next one. He likes Superman and comics (but prefers the Hulk or Batman if anyone’s listening and caring at the same time) and this would be just right! And I just love the layered work done on this greeting card.

Super hubby card from Storeyshop

Storeyshop offers some great humor-based love greeting cards, but it’s not all she offers. There are housewarming, birthday, holiday and random occasion cards too. They all have bright colors and bold, simple designs which is the hallmark (ha!) of her cards. Here’s one in particular that I like because of the detail work on the house.

New home greeting card from Storeyshop

So if you need that special occasion card to let someone know how special they are, or need to stock up on unique Christmas cards, check out Storeyshop on Etsy!


Etsy Store of the Week – katherinejlee

This week’s featured Etsy store is katherinejlee! Katherinejlee has a line of environmentally friendly home goods and decor ranging from tea towels to pillows. Besides being good for the environment, her designs have a sense fo whimsy which make her beautiful and simple designs that much better.

As is the routine, the item that I want the most from her store is… and oven mitt! Oh, I just heard groans of boredom everywhere! But have no fear when katherinejlee is here! She has created a beautiful organic cotton oven mitt with a great mandala/flower pattern. And we really could use a new one since the one we have now is well… gross and burnt!

handmade organic cotton oven mitt by katherinejlee

The next item is a close second (and only lost because of the actual need of the first), and showcases that whimsy I was telling you about. And I love the picture too, I just want to curl up and read a paper in it! Isn’t the lighting just magical?

hippo pillow shams organic cotton by katherinejlee

Katherinejlee has some other great designs for pillow covers for the rest of the house too. The first repeats the design from the oven mitt and the second is the cutest little owl pattern. You could really add some beauty to a living room with these designs!

organic cotton handmade pillow cover by katherinejleeorganic cotton handmade pillow cover by katherinejlee

Katherinejlee‘s shop is cute and practical – and I’m in love! Check out the rest of her items now!

Etsy Store of the Week – SoFino

This week’s featured Etsy Store is SoFino. SoFino is based in Charlotte, North Carolina (which is quite a distance from her original home of Serbia!) and offers beautiful felted soap that is affordable, beautiful and quite practical thank-you-very-much!

These soaps are so gorgeous your guests may think twice about using them, but if they don’t use the soap, maybe you shouldn’t open your soap-loving home to such dirty guests! hehe… Anyway, if this economy’s got you down, or at least spending a whole lot less on yourself, it may be time to splurge on something truly useful. And as always, my choice first!

SoFino handmade felted soaps

Aren’t those just the prettiest? And such beautiful technique SoFino has in order to achieve those perfect silhouettes by felt! Ok, I can hear some of you saying that yes, those are pretty, but what the heck is felted soap!? The felt surrounds the bar of soap to act as a scrubby, sudsy tool and allows you to use the soap to the last sliver. After the soap’s used up, the felt remains and can be filled with more soap, made into a drawer freshener (just add a drop or two of essential oil) or as a plain wool scrubbing pad. So don’t you see how practical this beautiful splurge can be?  (Can you tell that I’m convincing myself as well?)

SoFino felted soap

Perfect for the fall and entertaining those Thanksgiving guests. And yes, they’d better wash their grubby little hands before touching my turkey! And she offers some beautiful sets as well:

SoFino heart collection of felted soaps SoFino collection of pebble felted soap

I just can’t stand it – these soaps are too cute! I think everyone on my holiday shopping list may get soap this year! SoFino offers lots more options, and has some pretty spectacular artistic creations, but I can’t feature her whole Etsy shop here, so go on, go check it out!

Looking for the pertinent links? Well, ever since I got so-super-cool and learned how to link the images to their shopping pages, I’ve felt (get it, ha!) that the pertinent links section isn’t all that necessary. So get to clicking on the above links to her store, or the images themselves! See you all next week!

Etsy Store of the Week – zukzuk!

The Etsy Store of the Week is zukzuk! This graphic artist creates beautiful and imaginative prints with great colors.

This first image is one that I would love to have in a child’s bedroom, or even give to my mom for mother’s day (but sadly, it’s not her style, my mom could use better taste! 😉 ). The colors are wonderful and you can just feel the love between the mom and baby bear. And the scales of color create such a sense of whimsy!

We Are Strong Strong by zukzuk

And another great family of bears print (available in a few different colors):

Magic Moss Bears by zukzuk

But it’s not just family style prints that zukzuk offers. There are lots of whimsical and sometimes strange prints that would look great in any studio or library. I’m imagining where I would hang them among my books…

Zukzuk Tea Time by zukzukJelly Bean Bird Rainbow by zukzuk

A little about the Tronto-based artist behind zukzuk from her profile:

When I was reading a book to my son the other day, one of the characters, a Wombat, said that he liked to think and he liked to dig. I guess that’s a bit like me.

So you can see where the whimsy in her art comes from! Check out her Etsy shop to see the different color variations of her prints and the variety of artwork she offers. Come back next Sunday!

The pertinent links for y’all:

Etsy Store of the Week – FuzzyMug

I’m back from Chicago! It was a wonderful trip and I have lots of pictures, but that’s another post. Oh, and another post that should be up soon is my new running plan for the half marathon. Yes, I’m doing it even though I had surgery on August 16th and the half is on October 17th! And also to be posted soon is my debt confession and repayment plan. Hi, my name’s Krysta and I have too much debt. Hehe! Anyway, as you can tell I’m well rested and invigorated from the vacation, so stay tuned folks.

Anywho… this week’s Etsy Store is great for all you pet lovers out there: FuzzyMug. This Baltimore resident creates colorful graphic images of animals and can do custom orders too. And she doesn’t offer just prints, but notebooks, shirts, cards and calling cards. So you can totally show your animal love!

As always, the item I want the most: this print of a rabbit in black ink (you get to choose which color you want on almost everything!). Besides the obvious cute factor, let me tell you why: I had a stubborn old man of a black rabbit named Spaz for nine years before having to put him down last November. That rabbit put up with my sometimes too-busy-to-cuddle schedule and even endured the 3000+ mile trip to Alaska and back. He survived testicular cancer and the following castration, btw I am so sorry little man! It’s always hard putting a pet to sleep, but Spaz was very difficult for me as I had him from 15 to 24, some very important years in my life and he was there to see it all. So here’s my first choice in FuzzyMug’s Etsy shop:

Rabbit print from FuzzyMug

So do you have a certain pet you’d like to memorialize or just show off? I can think of three dogs in particular that I’d love to have portraits of! Here’s an extremely cute example of one the custom pet portraits FuzzyMug does:

Custom pet portrait from FuzzyMug

There are some of the many art prints FuzzyMug offers. But what about the other stuff I mentioned? Don’t think I forgot! These next two items are for the animal lover (or just your love!) in your life. The first is a great card idea, no matter what age or event and the second is a notebook that would make any pet lover smile.

I love you this much card from FuzzyMug Love me love my dog notebook

A little bit about FuzzyMug, taken from her profile:

 I volunteer my time and design know-how to local animal shelters and I have 4 cats and 3 dogs of my own. They were my inspiration for FuzzyMug and they are often coerced (with many treats and promises of long hikes in the woods) to pose for my portrait ideas.

Now that’s a real animal lover! So let’s not only give a round of applause to FuzzyMug but go and buy some of her stuff! The pertinent links (and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve upgraded my techno-savvy by making the pictures clickable to the listing!):

And stay tuned for the updates I talked about earlier. Don’t want to keep coming back to see if I made a recent post? Sign up to the right to have posts sent directly to your email so you can read them when you have time. And don’t worry, I only post a few times a week at the most so you won’t get overloaded! Have an idea for the Etsy Store of the Week? Put it in the comments below to let me know!

Etsy Store of the Week – JennMaruskaDesign

This week’s Etsy Store is JennMaruskaDesign. She creates ridiculously cute items for everyone but also for sewers in particular. Bright, fun, cute and practical are the words that describe JennMaruskaDesign.

Oh my goodness! This is the item that got me to click on this store. I had searched Etsy for iPhone covers since I could use one and it would be a neat gift for a few people who I know as well. I absolutely love the bunny case, but the hedgehog and mouse are adorable as well! Not only do these hold your iPhone but also the cords and earbuds.

JennMaruskaDesign also offers cute little notebooks with felt covers in lots of designs and colors. Here’s one example:

And because I’m such a book-worm, especially today when I had to drag myself to the computer (which is normally just the opposite!), here is an irresistible bookmark, a little “word-bot”:

Aren’t the creations just adorable? I find myself wanting to eat cotton candy while buying these items! Want to learn more about JennMaruskaDesign? Check out her policies page here and a highlight from that page:

Each of my items is created with the best materials available and a keen attention to detail. I am proud that many of my items, such as my needlebooks, are used by others during their own creative endeavors.

Want to check out more of her stuff? Yeah, I knew you would! Here are the pertinent sites:

So, any ideas for upcoming Etsy Store’s to feature? Let me know!

Etsy Store of the Week – JujaCrafts

The Etsy Store of the Week is JujaCrafts! The store features cute flower accessories, everything from shoe clips to headbands. Bright colors and a consistent style give this store a wonderful attraction.

And of course, with no further delay, the item that I want most from this store: a peacock-color inspired headband which would be perfect for my awkward hair right now. I’m in between a short and a shoulder-length hair cut. It takes forever to grow it long and only an hour to get it cut short! Anyway, the picture!

I love the peacock feathers in the background too. It gets the inspiration across without needing to read the description! It seems that JujaCrafts’s hair accessories are popular as there are a lot available and they’re adorable!

But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not just hair beauties that JujaCrafts offers, there’s also the shoe clips! What a fun idea to jazz up your favorite standard shoes. And I can just imagine that little girls everywhere would clamor for a chance to wear these to school!

JujaCrafts also offers appliques, scarves and home decoration items. The presentation in this particular photo makes me want to have a clean, simple shelf somewhere to do exactly as this picture shows. It’s a little bit girly, a little bit shabby chic, and a little bit awesome!

Some information about JujaCrafts from her profile:

All my life textile, art and creating were familiar to me and I love working hard, creating, dreaming. I like doing everything what’s nice and makes me or anybody else feeling good and beautiful!

Don’t we all when our creations turn out this beautiful? With over 2300 sales and more than 1500 positive feedback, JujaCrafts has found a great market and offers great customer service. And she’s been on Etsy for just over a year! Way to go!

Here are the pertinent websites for JujaCrafts: