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Etsy Store of the Week – RoverDog

I’m so sorry for getting this week’s Etsy Store of the Week feature out so late in the day! This past week has been exhausting both mentally and physically for me and I needed the day to recharge. In order to recharge I stayed up way too late last night playing with a new skill (screen printing), slept in way too late, watched a football game at the bar with hubby and then saw the new Harry Potter movie! It’s been awesome and much-needed. So now I’m finally sitting down for long enough to tell you about this week’s featured store: RoverDog which makes the most stylish coats for dogs that I have ever seen!

RoverDog creates her stylish pet clothing in Toronto and then ships all over the world. And while I’m not usually that big on dressing up my dogs (Ok, except for the holidays!) we now have a wonderful little chihuahua that has decided that mildly chilly is just too cold for her. So on my journey to find something comfortable, warm and not too frilly for Bean, I found it can be frustratingly difficult to find what I want in a dog coat. And then came along RoverDog! This is what I want, and isn’t this dog just dapper?

Skipper peacoat for dogs by RoverDog

Taking a look through the shop, I also stumbled upon a cute little number for my nephew-dog-in-law, a yorkie owned by my very preppy and high-end business working in-laws:

Tie and oxford shirt for dogs by RoverDog

And the models in this shop couldn’t be cuter!

Anorak for dogs by RoverDog Pea coat for dogs by RoverDog

These are made to order so if you have troubles fitting a particular dog you can get exactly what you need! And because these are made to order, the last day that you can purchase one and expect it for the holidays is December 1st, so hurry up and pick one out from RoverDog!

So do you dress up your dogs for warmth, charm or fashion? Let me know!


Oh so excited!

So today, one of the Etsy sellers lucky enough to be featured on the front page was mooshygooshies. And I was immediately drawn to the item that was shown:

Mooshygooshies's custom metal key chains with dog silhouettes

Aren’t those just up my alley? Dogs AND crafts! I couldn’t be happier. Ok, maybe if she somehow worked Fat Tire beer into the listing… 🙂

Anyway, I immediately contacted her as the rest of her stuff is just gorgeous. Clean lines, graphic prints and more dog themed items. I’ve asked her to come up with either a pit bull silhouette (I’ll forgive her for overlooking the second most common “breed” in America!) or if she could base a silhouette from Muttley’s adorable mug. I gave her the link to the picture that my business logo is based on, and quite possibly the best picture of Muttley ever. Take a look at it on the front page of my business site here. Wait, you didn’t know that I also run a successful pet sitting and dog walking business, besides my slowly (hint: quite slowly) emerging craft business? Where’ve you been?! I even have an employee! Check it out!

Anyway, enough self promotion. The cute little cards that mooshygooshies offers is what I’m ordering for my annual Thank You cards and gifts for clients of Lucky Mutts this past year. Last year I included little treats for the pets and a Belgian chocolate treat for the humans. This year I’d like to top that by a little. Nothing crazy, but everything totally adorable! And yummy too. I’ll probably be making the pup treats again this year, but maybe a little gift too? Who knows, it’s still early. Though I would like to get these out around Thanksgiving.

Why Thanksgiving and not the holidays? Am I being that politically correct? Heck no! Well, actually in a way… But the main reason is that Thanksgiving is a time to remember those you need to be thanking and for thanking the abundance in life. What a perfect time to thank my customers for keeping me fed the last year and to wish them a happy holiday season. And marketing wise, it’s pretty good timing!

Why even blow money on clients? Because they are the best! They pay me to play with their dogs! They trust me to love and attend to their most cherished ones. It’s a responsibility and a task that I enjoy doing and I’ve been able to craft a wonderful business out of my clients. My small business has allowed me to grow as a person and stretch my creative (and sometimes ADHD) mind in new ways. Lucky Mutts has allowed me to be the wife I want to be, the dog owner others dream about and quite possibly one of the happiest women on earth.

See! I’m getting on all emotional-grateful and I haven’t even ordered the thank you cards yet! Off to play one last game of mah jongg before retiring to bed with my latest marketing required reading. I hope all is wonderful in your world and that you cuddle with your fur-kid with extra love tonight. They deserve it!

Etsy Store of the Week – FuzzyMug

I’m back from Chicago! It was a wonderful trip and I have lots of pictures, but that’s another post. Oh, and another post that should be up soon is my new running plan for the half marathon. Yes, I’m doing it even though I had surgery on August 16th and the half is on October 17th! And also to be posted soon is my debt confession and repayment plan. Hi, my name’s Krysta and I have too much debt. Hehe! Anyway, as you can tell I’m well rested and invigorated from the vacation, so stay tuned folks.

Anywho… this week’s Etsy Store is great for all you pet lovers out there: FuzzyMug. This Baltimore resident creates colorful graphic images of animals and can do custom orders too. And she doesn’t offer just prints, but notebooks, shirts, cards and calling cards. So you can totally show your animal love!

As always, the item I want the most: this print of a rabbit in black ink (you get to choose which color you want on almost everything!). Besides the obvious cute factor, let me tell you why: I had a stubborn old man of a black rabbit named Spaz for nine years before having to put him down last November. That rabbit put up with my sometimes too-busy-to-cuddle schedule and even endured the 3000+ mile trip to Alaska and back. He survived testicular cancer and the following castration, btw I am so sorry little man! It’s always hard putting a pet to sleep, but Spaz was very difficult for me as I had him from 15 to 24, some very important years in my life and he was there to see it all. So here’s my first choice in FuzzyMug’s Etsy shop:

Rabbit print from FuzzyMug

So do you have a certain pet you’d like to memorialize or just show off? I can think of three dogs in particular that I’d love to have portraits of! Here’s an extremely cute example of one the custom pet portraits FuzzyMug does:

Custom pet portrait from FuzzyMug

There are some of the many art prints FuzzyMug offers. But what about the other stuff I mentioned? Don’t think I forgot! These next two items are for the animal lover (or just your love!) in your life. The first is a great card idea, no matter what age or event and the second is a notebook that would make any pet lover smile.

I love you this much card from FuzzyMug Love me love my dog notebook

A little bit about FuzzyMug, taken from her profile:

 I volunteer my time and design know-how to local animal shelters and I have 4 cats and 3 dogs of my own. They were my inspiration for FuzzyMug and they are often coerced (with many treats and promises of long hikes in the woods) to pose for my portrait ideas.

Now that’s a real animal lover! So let’s not only give a round of applause to FuzzyMug but go and buy some of her stuff! The pertinent links (and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve upgraded my techno-savvy by making the pictures clickable to the listing!):

And stay tuned for the updates I talked about earlier. Don’t want to keep coming back to see if I made a recent post? Sign up to the right to have posts sent directly to your email so you can read them when you have time. And don’t worry, I only post a few times a week at the most so you won’t get overloaded! Have an idea for the Etsy Store of the Week? Put it in the comments below to let me know!

Etsy Store of the Week – BowWowBeds

The Etsy Store of the Week is BowWowBeds, makers of quality dog beds and crate liners. These durable dog beds are made from 100% cotton duck canvas. So what the heck is duck canvas? And will my bird-hunting spaniel go crazy to tear the bed to shreds? No, cotton duck canvas is a term used in textiles to refer to what we would normally call canvas, it is a heavy-duty fabric used from shoes to camping materials. So it will stand up to some wear and tear from your four-legged friends!

The pictures this week were much harder to pick than normal because the models are absolutely gorgeous! BowWowBeds focuses on large dog beds as they have a Great Dane and saw the need for quality larger beds. So the pictures have lots of wonderful bully breeds and many of what I am guessing to be great customer photos too. Rather than picking one bed to be my choice more than the others (heck I just want one for my spaniel pup since he did some heavy damage to his first bed), I just want to showcase the wonderful pictures of BowWowBeds’s quality product in use.

BowWowBeds handmade quality dog bedBowWowBeds handmade quality dog bed

BowWowBeds handmade quality dog beds puppyBowWowBeds handmade quality dog beds car liner

What a great use in that truck! And that adorable Harley puppy is actually laying on a liner from BowWowBeds put over a crib mattress. With larger dogs, not only do they need a bigger surface area, but many of them have more aches and pains in joints because of their size and quick growth, so a softer surface like a mattress is just perfect. Of course, Muttley’s only 56 pounds and four, but she always finds a way on the bed! And now Flash (52 pounds and 1.5 years old) is learning to beg too, so it’s not just big ones that like the comfort!

The following was taken from their Etsy feature on Quit Your Day Job. For those of you not addicted to this regular feature on Etsy, it is a series of interviews with people who have been able to turn their craft into a fulltime job that supports them and their families. In this article, we learn that the business was primarily Amberlii before it was succesful enough for her husband, Kent, to quit his day job and help the business to grow. Anyway, here’s the part of the article I found to be the best boiled down philosophy of buying from small businesses:

There is a person behind my product and when you buy from me you get [me]

I think that’s just right! Here are the pertinent links for BowWowBeds:

Half Marathon Training Update!

Saturday’s long run this week was a rest run, so only 5.5 miles! Ha! Never thought I would say “only 5.5 miles!” The training is coming along, mostly well too. I’m starting to get nervous about these longer distances coming up though!

  • 15 May    4 miles          XdoneX
  • 22 May   5 miles           XdoneX
  • 29 May   5.5 miles       XdoneX
  • 5 June    6 miles            XdoneX     really only ran about 5.4mi of this
  • 12 June  6.5 miles        XdoneX
  • 19 June  5.5 miles        XdoneX
  • 26 June  6.5 miles
  • 3 July      7 miles
  • 10 July   7.5 miles
  • 17 July   8 miles
  • 24 July   5 miles
  • 31 July   8.5 miles
  • 7 Aug     9 miles
  • 14 Aug   6 miles
  • 21 Aug   9.5 miles
  • 28 Aug   10 miles
  • 4 Sept     7 miles
  • 11 Sept   10.5 miles
  • 18 Sept   11 miles
  • 26 Sept   6.2    –  A Sunday race at Lake Tahoe, my 6th 10k
  • 2 Oct       12 miles
  • 9 Oct       5 miles
  • 17 Oct     13.1  –  Half Marathon time!

Flash is loving these long runs and has actually gotten better on the leash because of them! He usually pulls so much that your arm wants to fall off, but he settles down now after a half mile. I think he knows that we go for a long time and to conserve his energy! Once he gets home, he quickly curls into a ball on the couch, next to his Muttley and Roger. After a while though, Muttley gets spunky feeling and starts to chew on his ears or paws him in the face to start playing. He always obliges, but falls asleep as soon as she’s tired out! They are absolutely adorable together. Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last year of the two of them together:

Can’t you see why I’m happy almost every single day? These two little poops are the best reason for smiling!

What does a dog walker do on her birthday? Let’s find out!

Yesterday was my birthday, and also my husband’s (different years, but same city and same day of birth!), and so not only did I decide to treat myself to a wonderful day, but I took pictures of most of it too!

The first thing I let myself do is lounge in my bed for an extra half hour, I got all the pillows and all the blankets since Roger had already gotten up. Oh, luxurious laziness! But then the stirring of Flash and the grumpy snorts of Muttley got me up. A perfectly brewed cup of espresso and a little bit of time wasted online and I was ready to go!

First, off to Home Depot! I had to make key copies from a client’s keys. Yay for clients paying me! And wasn’t the lighting just magical in this picture? Love it!

I almost always listen to audiobooks, and my birthday was no different. Right now, I’m listening to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. So far I think that the book is pretty self indulgent, and it took until CD five to get hooked. Also, no time for cooking at home, so I had Del Taco breakfast burritos with no cheese. Yum!

Off to my first client of the day. This is Jenny. It was our last run together since her “parents” were returning home that day. She’s a goofy black lab mix who was too excited about our walk/jogs! A good dog! And then traffic as I drove through downtown Reno to get to the next house. Look at that perfectly blue sky though, just gorgeous!

More happy clients! After I was sweaty from all the running, I headed over to PetCo for some donation items for the Humane Society. One of my clients had a pet die a few days ago (not while in my care!) and my policy is to donate to the local shelters when this happens. A way for myself and the company to give back and remember a pet client.

While at PetCo I spied this cute little ferret! I wish I slept like that, I’d be a lot more limber. 🙂 The next picture shows what Lucky Mutts donated to the Nevada Humane Society: 3 lbs of rawhides, tins of cat food, little cat toy balls and some apple wood chunks for the rabbits. The new (well, not that new, but I still remember the old building) building for the Nevada Humane Society is just inviting! Again, note the beautiful sky.

After donating the items, I had to look at the dogs! I’m a sucker for a cute pit bull, but there were tons of dogs I would have taken home. Here are just some of the dogs that I could get pictures of:

After spending so much time with these wonderful pups, I had to go home and shower. I was stinky from sweat and dog kisses!

After showering attention on my own dogs, I was able to clean up, pluck eyebrows and actually apply makeup! Whoa! I got the mail and I recieved a birthday check! Woohoo! So I went straight to the bank to deposit it and then straight to Ross to spend it! I’ve been needing some summer shirts but haven’t had quite the resources to go look. Success! I found two wonderful shirt and a great purse and only spent forty dollars! When I was in the changing room, I suddenly noticed how terribly old my favorite non-dog-walking shoes were. So after Ross, I headed over to Famous Footwear and was able to find the perfect replacement shoes for only 25 bucks! Yay! I won!

I got home, changed into a new shirt and got ready for a dinner out with my mom, her long time beau, his son and of course Roger. We went to a wonderful local mexican restaurant called Bertha Miranda’s. Mom used to know Bertha and her husband (Jack er something), but I know she’s passed and I think he has too. Anyway, two pitchers of margaritas and a plate of crying pig later, Roger (designated driver, thank you love bug) drove us home. It was almost ten at night, the time I like to get into bed and read for a few pages. But no, I had to do homework that I blissfully ignored all day. So two hours later of excel and writing, I was able to turn in. I read a single page of my latest read before completely crashing.

It was pretty much awesome! So how does a dog walker spend her birthday? With dogs! And wonderful family too. 🙂

Process – Metal Stamped Dog ID Tags

A few weeks ago, I added a new skill to my repetoire: metal stamping. And of course, because I do spend so much time with dogs, dog ID tags just made sense! I can make personalized or unique ones, but I think sometimes a funny little phrase is just perfect for a gift for a pet lover. Anyway, I decided to picture the process for making these items as it’s kind of involved.

Using a disc cutter, or die cutter, I punch discs through a sheet of copper. It makes a lot of noise and Muttley hides, but it’s fun!

Perfect little circles are created. After creating the discs, I punch another tiny hole for the key (or split) ring. In the second picture you see a several different sizes of discs as I’m working on a few different projects.

 They usually have rough edges that have to be finished. So using a series of files, I smooth away the rough parts and the edges so they aren’t too sharp. And then I get to pound on it with the mallet! That’s probably the best part! Get’s lots of frustration out. Not as fun if you’re hungover though.

I then hand stamp the metal with the message. Here I’m showing two of the phrases I plan to carry regularly. Both are inspired by my own pooches, Muttley is my adora-bull dog and Flash is definitely Sir Farts-alot. After stamping the message, the disc is usually domed slightly so I get to smash it with the mallet again!

Next comes the chemicals! That’s how many of the metal pieces you see for sale get their antiqued look and how I make the letters more legible.

Next comes the finishing. Steel wool, sandpaper, jeweler’s rouge, polishing pads.

Ta-da! Almost finished. These just need a split ring (like a keychain ring) for buyers to easily add them to their dog’s collar.

Then, when someone purchases a personalized, unique or regular dog ID tag, I package the tag into a little box with ribbon. Perfect for giving and fun to unwrap! Check out what I have listed in my Etsy shop:

So what do you guys think? Looks like fun, right? Hell yes! Any good phrases I should use?