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Etsy Store of the Week – RoverDog

I’m so sorry for getting this week’s Etsy Store of the Week feature out so late in the day! This past week has been exhausting both mentally and physically for me and I needed the day to recharge. In order to recharge I stayed up way too late last night playing with a new skill (screen printing), slept in way too late, watched a football game at the bar with hubby and then saw the new Harry Potter movie! It’s been awesome and much-needed. So now I’m finally sitting down for long enough to tell you about this week’s featured store: RoverDog which makes the most stylish coats for dogs that I have ever seen!

RoverDog creates her stylish pet clothing in Toronto and then ships all over the world. And while I’m not usually that big on dressing up my dogs (Ok, except for the holidays!) we now have a wonderful little chihuahua that has decided that mildly chilly is just too cold for her. So on my journey to find something comfortable, warm and not too frilly for Bean, I found it can be frustratingly difficult to find what I want in a dog coat. And then came along RoverDog! This is what I want, and isn’t this dog just dapper?

Skipper peacoat for dogs by RoverDog

Taking a look through the shop, I also stumbled upon a cute little number for my nephew-dog-in-law, a yorkie owned by my very preppy and high-end business working in-laws:

Tie and oxford shirt for dogs by RoverDog

And the models in this shop couldn’t be cuter!

Anorak for dogs by RoverDog Pea coat for dogs by RoverDog

These are made to order so if you have troubles fitting a particular dog you can get exactly what you need! And because these are made to order, the last day that you can purchase one and expect it for the holidays is December 1st, so hurry up and pick one out from RoverDog!

So do you dress up your dogs for warmth, charm or fashion? Let me know!


Etsy Store of the Week – Dedeetsyshop

A friend of mine just signed the papers for their new house which got me thinking about a house-warming gift. I’m sure like most couples, they’ve got enough bread-makers and toasters, so what to get? Something fabulous in decor of course! And dedeetsyshop is here to the rescue, and I might find something for myself too! 😉

As always, what I want for myself is what gets featured first. Are you paying attention? Because I just had my birthday and I’m pretty sure you missed it! hehe… These Chubby bird pillows are just too cute. They are great for kids’ rooms, fun offices (like my own) and for anyone with a great funky sense of style. They come in a variety of colors but here are my favorites:

But don’t think they just have kids or funky handmade pillows at dedeetsyshop, there’s also a series of great flower pillows. These pillows are bright and feminine and just oh-so wonderful!

Too feminine you say? Well, this final picture could be a great choice. And I think it might make a nice gift for a house-warming. Both feminine and masculine, great sense of modern style and such fun colors!

A little bit about dedeetsyshop, taken from their shop policies:

My name is Deanna and I love being creative! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t make things! Etsy is such a perfect outlet for me and gives me the opportunity to let out all my pent up creative energy! I like all kinds of design…from modern, to shabby chic…country, traditional..ect. You will notice all types of pillows and designs in my shop that reflect that!

And like most handmade Etsy shops, dedeetsyshop welcomes custom orders and will even create pillow covers to order. I can’t wait to spruce up my house! Oh, and that friend’s house too! I’m terrible!

All the pertinent links are here:

Tune in again next week for Etsy Store of the Week! Let me know of any suggestions!