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Etsy Store of the Week – makye77

This week’s featured Etsy shop is a wonderful craftsman from Michigan who plays with the beautiful shapes, textures and colors of wood. Makye77, better known as Natural Selection Studio, turns wood into gorgeous decorations for your home or office. These could be pieces of art to look at and admire, or functional complements to your space.

The first one is from his line of wood with color accents. And its color contrast is pure beauty! I just love that line of dark brown from the bark.

green turned box elder wooden bowl by makye77 on etsy

And not all of his creations have a color added to the wood. He offers many in their original color and quality.

wooden bowl from makye77 on etsy birch wooden bowl from makye77 on etsy

And it’s not just bowls that he offers in the Etsy shop, but decorative and usable vases of different shapes as well. I love the swirl that this wood has, and again, I’m in love with the natural opening. This particular vessel is decorative, and you can see why – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

elm wooden vessel by makye77 on etsy

So go check out Natural Selection Studio at makye77 on Etsy. He offers more pieces similar to the ones I’ve featured above and also has some wooden bowls and vessels of a different style with more color and decoration. These would make gifts for the person that has everything on your shopping list since it can be for both beauty and function. I’m thinking here of my father-in-law! And because you are buying a completed unique item, there’s no wait time for production which makes gift giving all the easier.


Etsy Store of the Week – Storeyshop

Oh! I’m excited about this week’s Etsy store because it’s one that I’ve had my eye for a while now. There are probably a dozen or so items that I’d love to purchase and I’ve tried to keep it to four – so hard! So this week’s store is Storeyshop, a UK based (I know, I’m so international) hand cut and laser cut greeting card and more shop. The sense of humor and love that comes from Storeyshop is wonderful and makes you stick around to check out her tons of listings (192 right now!). With that much creativity, she’s got something for everyone!

So for the item that I want the most, I’m having a hard time deciding on just one! And then I remembered, hey, this is my blog – I can have more than one! Isn’t life liberating once you realize your own power? Well, that’s true, but yeah, greatly exaggerated in this case. However, these two great cards are ones that I would love to get for Roger on some anniversary soon!  Storeyshop has lots more of these “I love you more than…” cards and can customize the message too in case you can’t find exactly what you want.

I love you more than my iPhone card by StoreyshopI love you more than coffee card by Storeyshop

Another card I’d like to get Roger is this next one. He likes Superman and comics (but prefers the Hulk or Batman if anyone’s listening and caring at the same time) and this would be just right! And I just love the layered work done on this greeting card.

Super hubby card from Storeyshop

Storeyshop offers some great humor-based love greeting cards, but it’s not all she offers. There are housewarming, birthday, holiday and random occasion cards too. They all have bright colors and bold, simple designs which is the hallmark (ha!) of her cards. Here’s one in particular that I like because of the detail work on the house.

New home greeting card from Storeyshop

So if you need that special occasion card to let someone know how special they are, or need to stock up on unique Christmas cards, check out Storeyshop on Etsy!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today’s my mom’s birthday! We’re going to meet up in a little bit, but I wanted to share one of the crafts I made for her this year: an upcycled cigar box with her birth year on the top! I wasn’t planning on giving my mom a cigar box jewelry box, but when I saw 1961 on the top, I had to get it for her. Here it is:

Anywho, I’m off soon to have an early lunch with her and give her the presents. I made this upcycled cigar box, a plant hanger thing she’s been on my case for a while about and also a DSW gift card because a woman can’t have too many shoes!

And even though it’s not her birthday, call your mom up and say hello! She’s wonderful and deserves some love, I’m sure of it! 🙂

Etsy Store of the Week – Alis

Alis is this week’s featured Etsy Store! She offers beautiful and comfy-looking t-shirts with a wonderful feminine appeal.

My favorite feature on Etsy is the scrolling recently listed items that is found here. It’s how I end up finding new items to purchase while drinking (oops on Friday night, but I’m excited about getting those things in the mail!) and also leads me to new sellers to feature. And this shirt is how I found Alis. I love how simple the lines and colors are and also the organic feel of the design. I also LOVE that Alis has sizes and measurements to further explain what the sizes in her store are. As a larger girl, with larger boobs, t-shirt buying online is a scary thing! I don’t want to get stuck with a tent, but I would like to not show every detail of my bra!

Nicole shirt from Alis

And anyone who knows me knows that I live in t-shirts. And not just because I’m a dog walker and therefore don’t have to wear suits and blouses (I hate that word) but also because cotton is freakin’ comfortable! But I have been trying to update into a more mature look since I am a business owner and would like to not look like a college student any longer. So a dressed up, artistic and feminine shirt is the way to go! Look at these other lovelies in Alis’s shop.

Florence shirt from Alis on EtsyNora 1 shirt from Alis on EtsyNorma shirt from Alis on Etsy

I think I’m also in love with the asymmetrical designs of these shirts too. They are more visually interesting that way!

For more frilly but simple, girly but modern looks, go check out Alis on Etsy! With her high positive feedback rating, and hundreds of sales and counting, this seller is ready to make your top half gorgeous! Sorry she doesn’t make pants! 😉

Oh so excited!

So today, one of the Etsy sellers lucky enough to be featured on the front page was mooshygooshies. And I was immediately drawn to the item that was shown:

Mooshygooshies's custom metal key chains with dog silhouettes

Aren’t those just up my alley? Dogs AND crafts! I couldn’t be happier. Ok, maybe if she somehow worked Fat Tire beer into the listing… 🙂

Anyway, I immediately contacted her as the rest of her stuff is just gorgeous. Clean lines, graphic prints and more dog themed items. I’ve asked her to come up with either a pit bull silhouette (I’ll forgive her for overlooking the second most common “breed” in America!) or if she could base a silhouette from Muttley’s adorable mug. I gave her the link to the picture that my business logo is based on, and quite possibly the best picture of Muttley ever. Take a look at it on the front page of my business site here. Wait, you didn’t know that I also run a successful pet sitting and dog walking business, besides my slowly (hint: quite slowly) emerging craft business? Where’ve you been?! I even have an employee! Check it out!

Anyway, enough self promotion. The cute little cards that mooshygooshies offers is what I’m ordering for my annual Thank You cards and gifts for clients of Lucky Mutts this past year. Last year I included little treats for the pets and a Belgian chocolate treat for the humans. This year I’d like to top that by a little. Nothing crazy, but everything totally adorable! And yummy too. I’ll probably be making the pup treats again this year, but maybe a little gift too? Who knows, it’s still early. Though I would like to get these out around Thanksgiving.

Why Thanksgiving and not the holidays? Am I being that politically correct? Heck no! Well, actually in a way… But the main reason is that Thanksgiving is a time to remember those you need to be thanking and for thanking the abundance in life. What a perfect time to thank my customers for keeping me fed the last year and to wish them a happy holiday season. And marketing wise, it’s pretty good timing!

Why even blow money on clients? Because they are the best! They pay me to play with their dogs! They trust me to love and attend to their most cherished ones. It’s a responsibility and a task that I enjoy doing and I’ve been able to craft a wonderful business out of my clients. My small business has allowed me to grow as a person and stretch my creative (and sometimes ADHD) mind in new ways. Lucky Mutts has allowed me to be the wife I want to be, the dog owner others dream about and quite possibly one of the happiest women on earth.

See! I’m getting on all emotional-grateful and I haven’t even ordered the thank you cards yet! Off to play one last game of mah jongg before retiring to bed with my latest marketing required reading. I hope all is wonderful in your world and that you cuddle with your fur-kid with extra love tonight. They deserve it!

I’m officially an Etsy Seller!

Ok, I guess if you want to be technical about it, I’ve been an Etsy seller since November of last year (10 months now). But that’s not why I signed up for Etsy. I signed up so I would have at least a little reason to have all the craft supplies that I owned. I signed up so I could hopefully cover some of the costs to buy new supplies. I signed up so I could create my list of favorites for later shopping…

But now that I’m quickly approaching 20 sold orders, I’m a seller! And no, that’s not two sales a month, but rather 15 sales since July, or about four or five sales a month. Yes, I know, that’s still not that much. But there are about five people a month willing to pay for my stuff. And out of all the things available to buy on Etsy, somehow they find my little corner and buy something! It’s like magic!

And now, the purchases people make aren’t just covering costs of my supplies, but are starting to fund my creative juice. Yes, I have a nickname for alcohol and it is my creative juice. I don’t always drink when crafting, but it certainly puts me in the mood. 🙂 It’s exciting because I’m planning on opening up a business bank account and setting up the necessary legal paperwork too. It should all be very official starting January 1st! And then I’ll probably won’t be drinking as much since I’ll most likely have to do some work during daylight hours.

I’m also getting custom order requests, which I’m more than happy to do! It pushes me outside the little box (ha!) that I’ve made for myself and gets me looking at what I could do in the future. So keep those requests coming!

Another way to know that I’ve “made it” is to see copy cat sellers. And that’s not fair, they tend to offer something with a different aesthetic than I do, so it’s not really copying at all. But when I first did an Etsy search for cigar boxes way back in January, pretty much just cigar box purses and cigar box guitars showed up. And now there are at least two sellers who are offering a product very similar to mine. It’s almost like I’m the cool kid at school setting all the trends.

Ok, I’m not that cool. But it’s a start. And it’s a start that I’m ever-so-pleased by! Have a great weekend all and I’ll see you Sunday with my Etsy Store of the Week. And no, it’s not me! 😉

Update: I added some pictures below for you all to see what I’m doing in Etsy, or click on the link on the upper right hand side to see the whole shop.

Etsy Store of the Week – pixelthis

This week’s Etsy Store of the Week is truly unique and completely neat! It’s pixelthis which makes “stuff made from stuff.” In particular, super geeky clocks that are functional and dorky!

I forgot exactly how I came by this great Etsy shop, but I know why I stayed around: these unique clocks are affordable and very pretty to look at (in their techno way!). And who doesn’t love showing off their inner geek? Or know someone who is a geek? These clocks remind me of one of my favorite shows, the IT Crowd. Rent it on netflix or watch it on IFC since it’s from the BBC. Anyway, back to stuff made from stuff! Here’s one that I would love to have hanging above my computer since I’m always losing track of time (yes, I know there’s a clock on my computer’s desktop but I can easily ignore that one!).

Upcyled hard drive into clock by pixelthis

Totally awesome, right? Pixelthis offers different hard drives so that there are a different colors and layouts to choose from. Also hanging clocks or ones that sit on your desk. Oh, and this one even has a working pendulum!

Recycled hard drive into clock with pendulum from pixelthis

Not a huge computer buff? Pixelthis offers other stuff made from stuff (I love that motto!). Here’s a clock for the biker or cyclist in your life and a clock for a audiophile too! In his Etsy shop you’ll find all types of neat clocks – go check it out!

Bike gears turned into a clock by pixelthis Upcycled clock from pixelthis

Here’s some more information about the guy behind pixelthis, taken from his profile:

I have been taking things apart since the day I could walk, and occasionally putting them back together… I am always looking for any kind of cool junk, computers, cameras, watches, you name it!

I am putting that first clock on my wish list and my heavily-hinted-at list of things for my husband to buy! hehe… Another awesome thing about this shop? You can send him your neat junk so he can turn it into a clock! COOL! 🙂 Ok, I’ve had a little too much coffee today! Check out pixelthis today!

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