Etsy Store of the Week – LBArtworks

This week’s featured Etsy Store is LBArtworks! They offer great nature-inspired purses and bags. The bags have great wooden details, colors from nature and silhouette scenes of birds.

The first item to be shown is, of course, the item that I want the most. And this week it was hard to pick, as there are two things that I really like. Anyway, this one was the winner by coin toss: a colorful and creative handmade purse with a little silhouette of a bird. It’s fun and a bit funky, has great texture and is something that I could see myself using everyday. It looks like there’s enough room for me to carry a book with me too, which is good since I carry one everywhere!

The other item is this adorable and practical coin purse, which funny enough, lost the coin toss to be featured first! This is something that I could really use right now and a wonderful way to incorporate some cuteness into my daily life. I love the use of that turquoise!

This shop has a great consistent feel, not just from the products, but also the pictures. They showcase the nature and wood featured in the products surrounding the said products. A great way to get the mood of the store across. Here are some more selections from the Etsy shop:

Here’s a little more about LBArtworks from her profile:

For me, the sewing machine is a different way to create…not only can it be used to design a type of artwork, but the designs can be worn to create a statement about yourself and the world around you.

And LBArtworks must be hitting the right buttons with customers as she has over 700 sales in just a little over a year on Etsy. Congrats LBArtworks!

Here are the pertinent links:

Isn’t it time you celebrated nature and cuteness with one of these purses? Check out the Etsy store for more of LBArtworks creations!


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  1. I ordered the autumn vine purse–love it! It’s just what I expected.The workmanship is top notch and the design takes my breath away. It truely reminds me of being the outdoors. I’m going to order several more of Lynda’s creations for Christmas presents. Thank you Lynda for sharing your wonderful talent.


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